Phyllis - Earring

Logo Earring.



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  • 24 kt Gold plated yellow
  • Silver 925
  • Logo Earring
  • Height 1.5cm / Width 2.5cm

Our logo imprinted in a unique pair of earrings. 

As the historian Plutarch said, Beauty is something worth fighting for, but it lasts only a moment. So we founded ParonAthens, inspired by antiquity and Beauty, creating timeless handmade crafts.

In our collection we connect the modern fashion trends with the ancient Greek designs. High aesthetics jewelry, hand crafted from pure raw materials offer in women and men an eccentric style and a sense of luxury that magnetizes them looks. For our solid jewelry we use pure 925 silver and 24 carat gold plating, while the end result is unique, as the design and implementation are done by hand.

Throughout the collection of jewelry, the letter "Φ" dominates as in Ancient Greece it meant "LIGHT" and light is Greece itself. The "Φ" consists of the "I" (yiota) which as a small amount of radiation, it constantly supplies the "O" (omicron), a space. Every piece of jewelry is unique, has its own history and symbolism and was created to complement the personal style of each, emphasizing the deeper aspects of each personality.

As we want to remind the world of the beauty of ancient Greek names, the letter "Φ" and the concept of light dominate both in the collection and in our own brand. The "Φ" in the Greek alphabet is the 21st letter, ie the year that the idea took place. "ParonAthens" and the company was founded with the aim of illuminating every aspect of your personality through our jewelry.

Paron Athens

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